Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

One to one

Each session is designed to tune into your body’s vibrations, generating sounds that will converse with the energy within your body and last approximately 1 hour. One to one sessions offer a more personal experience to individuals.

The musical vibrations have an effect on your nervous system from load rasping music that can cause stress to soothing relaxing tones which encourage cells to expel toxicity in order to function normally. Sound can induce a meditative state, accessing areas of the mind that may be typically closed, resulting in a deeper sense of self awareness.

It can also help to move shift trapped energies within the body. Sound therapy can alleviate anxiety, liberate trauma, relieve pain, produce energy and self-confidence and activate self-healing mechanisms with the body.


Sound Baths

A Sound Bath is a deep relaxing meditative experience that transports you on a musical journey. It normal consists of two individuals or more and has been described as ‘part meditation and part listening exercises, sound baths are healing musical performances played live in the session  with singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, bio-sonic tuning forks, shamanic drums and chanting.

Clients are invited to lay on a the floor for one hour letting the sound waves wash over them. The vibrations of sound can work through your body enabling deep relaxation and helping with physical and emotional issues.