Pet Loss

Pet loss Counselling

A person who considers a pet a dearly loved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. At Mosaic we understand the importance of the animal human bond and can provide support in your time of need.

Loss, whether it be the loss of a human being or that of a pet evokes many of the same emotions inside us and we need to take time to process this grief.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s silly, crazy, or overly sentimental to grieve. Many of us bring up our pets from a couple of months old and see our special friends almost like our children, companions or best friend. During the years spent with our pets they have been a source of comfort, we have shared long walks, had fun together, cuddles and they have provided us with unconditional love and acceptance.

So it is only natural when we have a bond this deep to feel devastated by the loss of our much loved friend and companion. Some people don’t understand this bond and may not understand the pain you are going through.

At Mosaic Counselling and Psychotherapy we have a Counsellor who understands this bon and can provide support and understanding to you through this difficult time.

What can I expect to feel? Grief is individual to each person and we experience it in different ways. We can feel deep sadness, but there are also other feelings we may feel listed below.

Guilt – if we feel responsible for the circumstances in which our beloved friend passed on. If your pet was suffering and you ha to have them put asleep you may feel guilt even though it was for the best to take them out of their pain and suffering.

Denial – it may be hard to imagine that your pet won’t greet you when you come home.

Anger – We can be angry at ourselves or others like the vet for not doing a better job to save our beloved friend.(In a case were it was malpractice this may be justifiable).

Depression – This is something which may accompany grief.

It is important that you can be honest about your feelings. You have a right to feel pain and grief. Someone you loved has died, and you feel alone and bereaved. Trying to ignore or avoid your grief doesn’t make it go away.

It is important that you can express it be it through crying or talking to someone. Some people will look back at the time you shared together although others may find this too painful.

It’s good to talk!

Sometimes we have a friend of understands the bond we have with animals. Other times we don’t. If you feel there is no one you can turn to it may help to talk to a pet loss counsellor. At Mosaic Counselling and psychotherapy this something we provide, with the caring and understanding of the deep bond we can have with all animals. Your grief is valid and we are here to support you.

Many other issues may arise around the passing of our beloved friend that we have deal with for example “how do I tell the kids?” With children it is important to be honest about death in an age appropriate manner. We also offer child and adolescent psychotherapy if you feel it would be good to help your child through the loss of a pet.

How will my other pets react to the change, will they grieve? All animals like humans react differently. Try to give your other furry family members a little extra attention during this time.