Gavin Cooke

Gavin has been involved in the area of what is generally referred to as ‘Energy Work’ for over 15 years. He received his Reiki Masters certificate from Mary Tuohy in 2004 and his teaching certificate in Yang Style Tai Chi from Charles Thackaberry of the Irish Tai Chi Chuan Association in 2005.

A combination of a particularly stubborn arm injury, researching the biographies of high level healers from around the world and a chance finding of the book ‘Advanced Pranic Healing’ by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui led him to begin his studies in the Pranic Healing system in 2009 with Les Flitcroft. Les is a direct student of master Choa and is the director of the Institute for Pranic Healing UK and Ireland. Gavin was amazed during his first course when Les healed his arm in approximately 5 minutes.

Since then Gavin has completed the 4 levels of Pranic Healing as well as the Arhatic Yoga Preparatory course. He has used this healing modality to help people with a variety of ailments including back pain, arthritis, fresh burns, anxiety, myasthenia gravis and cancer.

Gavin has a degree in Fine Art Printmaking from the NCAD, a Fetac level 5 in Social Studies and Community care and is currently learning the ‘Wild Goose’ Dayan system of Qigong.