Child Play Therapy

Are you are currently in contact with a child who you feel needs extra support? Perhaps play therapy is the answer.

Play Therapy is an effective therapy that helps children modify their behaviours, develop social skills and boost self-esteem. Play therapy can help children who have experienced trauma in their lives, particularly trauma within the context of a significant relationship. In play therapy, children are supported by the therapist to express their confusing and painful emotions through play activities, The Play Therapist has the experience to understand where the child is having difficulties expressing emotion. Once an understanding is established the Play Therapist will be able to draw attention to the child’s difficulties and help the child make sense of their confusing and painful experiences, they are then assisted to assimilate this new emotional understanding. While adults use talking therapies, children use play as their most advanced form of communication. Children can benefit from play therapy as a means of emotional expression as they do not have the words to describe their thoughts, feelings and perceptions of their internal and external world.

Children can be referred to play therapy for many reasons:
• Parental conflict, separation or divorce
• Traumatized (sexual, physical or emotional abuse or neglect)
• Adoption or foster care
• Disruption in attachment relationships
• Bereavement
• Hospitalization
• Domestic violence
• Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
• Trauma / Post Traumatic Stress
• Persistent anger, worry, sadness or fear which hinders the daily life of the child
• Anxiety
• Excessive shyness
• Low self esteem
• Learning / Developmental problems
• Sleep problems
• Eating problems
• Bed wetting / soiling problems
• Preoccupation with sexual behaviour